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ARTI SONDHI LIVING is a luxury architectural interior and product design service that specialises in bespoke interiors for a discerning clientele both in India and overseas.

Reflecting our design ethos of a cosmopolitan, multicultural and contemporary aesthetic, our bespoke interiors begin with the client's own narrative. The uniqueness of each client's story, the special dictates of the space and our interpretation and visualization of a design that best complements these factors culminate in living spaces, that are visually striking and promote ease of living.

Bold and innovative creativity is facilitated by in-house manufacturing and collaborations with local and international vendors.

Arti Sondhi - Architectural Interior Designer

Founder &
Creative Director

Arti Sondhi is an Architectural Interior Designer trained at the renowned Inchbald School of Design in London. She has worked on projects in London, Johannesburg and New Delhi.

Extensive travels and life overseas have influenced her design language with accents of different cultures and their aesthetics. Influences range from the sophisticated avant-garde style of London, the bohemian chic of Cape Town and the eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary design in the Indian milieu. Colour palettes and textures reflect the raw earthiness of the African vernacular, the vibrancy and richness of Indian heritage or the calm neutral tones of a cosmopolitan design.

Returning to India in 2008, Arti formed her own design firm: Arti Sondhi Living. With a handpicked roster of young promising designers, the firm strives to create unique spaces that respond to each client’s needs. Contemporary minimal spaces complement antique pieces. Sophisticated colour palettes and the sculptural and organic elements of design are fused together to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and more importantly functional and ergonomic.

Arti Sondhi Living is based in New Delhi.


You & I

August 18, 2011

You & I

Design has to be a passion for anyone in the architecture and design fields, and it certainly is for Arti Sondhi Malik. She became aware of this passion during her 21 years abroad, imbibing the design aesthetics of different cultures and countries and converting them into a design vocabulary that is uniquely hers.

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BBC Good Homes

February 03, 2009

BBC Good Homes

Le Corbusier once said, "the home should be the treasure chest of living." This is truly reflected in Arti Malik's home. "It is like a diary of my life and reflects the different phases l've been through," says Arti. "I grew up in Delhi but lived overseas for 20 years."

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